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Mysterious circles

When Svetlana (the creator of the project “Ramaydan Valley. Green Tourism.”) told me about mysterious circles on their property (Ukraine, the village of Khoroshki) guess what thoughts crossed my mind.

Dear folks, why do you complain that poverty and hopeless darkness are everywhere when you don’t protect what lies right under your nose, an inexplicable miracle of miracles, and you don’t give a damn? You couldn’t care less, and the Universe answers in the same way, yeah, by sending a boomerang that mows down all your wishes and dreams completely. Because you don’t value your own treasures.

But let me put everything is in order. The circles shown in the photos are not dug by a shovel or plow; they arose on their own.

These evenly circumscribed circles, about 50 cm deep, are located all over the field. The most interesting thing is that if they are plowed over, then they do not disappear! A mystery of nature? UFO? Aliens? Visitors from the future? Cosmic Energy Center? A thousand questions, five hundred thousand topics to research.

But what can you expect from our people? To study this? They don’t give a f***. They just want to plant corn in this field. So simple and as usual, so barbaric.

Surprising? Hardly! We just can’t do it any other way. First crush and destroy your innermost, and then wonder why life is so much better on the other side of the fence.

And let me tell you about that life.

I live in America for 5 years now. I often walk in parks, go to the mountains and run trails. And what impresses me is how Americans respect their history, heritage and nature. And when it comes to unusual places and phenomena, I just can’t talk about it without deep admiration.

When I was at the Acadia National Park (a terrific place), I was surprised by the signs installed everywhere with the words ”Please do not move rocks on the beach. In the forest zone do not pick up branches, leave everything as it is in places . We are trying to keep the park in its original form, as nature created it. ”

Can you imagine? Not only aren’t you allowed to carry pebbles out of the park, you are not even supposed to rearrange them!

Climbing Mount Washington in the state of New Hampshire, I wanted to go around a group of people on the path, but again saw a sign: “Move only along the marked trail. Do not walk on growing mosses. They are valuable to our country! ”

The wealth of a country begins with a caring attitude to everything around you. And what’s going on in Khoroshki?

Svetlana tried to reach out to people and even went to the authorities. Neither historians nor cultural workers were interested in a major anomalous phenomenon of nature. (Forget the pebbles!) The Department of Ecology said it was necessary to collect 200 signatures, then file a lawsuit and then…
I don’t understand why we need a department that cannot solve a simple problem. Two hundred signatures?

Can we even find 200 people who love their land and are proud of its rich nature?

Why are people in other countries able to collect a million signatures (maybe an exaggeration but you get the point) to preserve even a piece of poop of an ancient mammoth that was accidentally discovered?Where are all the occultists? Shamans? Where are all of them? On the internet busy showing off their holy personas?

Here is the real thing, a place of power, wealth and magic. This is sad and heartbreaking.What do you think? What’s more important: planting corn or preserving a unique place?

4 thoughts on “Mysterious circles

  1. Americans preserve what they have. It is indeed beautiful to see how much they care for what they have. You have been going sightseeing a lot. So much to tell!

    1. Thank you for comment. Yes, I like to see new places. I enjoi hiking, running and other activity. I have what to tell on my website.

  2. Larisa! I fully agree with you. Such sights must be preserved and a research should be conducted on such or any such sights that are beyond normal. It’s painful to learn that the government asked for two hundred signatures in order to probe into something that they themselves should have taken cognizance of. I really liked the post and I admire you for your sincerity and open mindedness. God bless you! 🙏🌸🙏

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